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    AT CTI EXPO: Spectrum To Intro UltraLink II Spectrum will introduce its Ultra-Link II software, a real- time data acquisition and alert system software that collects ACD data from a switch/ACD and allows this information to be modified and transmitted instantly to Spectrum wallboards, data-pop (screen pops), monitors, pagers, e-mail, and audio communication devices. Critical information is located on the bottom of the spreadsheet, so the supervisor does not have to search for it wasting valuable time. Currently displayed is the active cell, the value in the cell, the formula creating the new data item within the active cell, data collection is currently active, and the last update time of this information from the switch/ACD.

    World Telecom Labs (WTL) announced the INX, a solution World Telecom Labs (WTL) announced the INX, a solution combining IP and SS7 protocols on its carrier-grade computer telephony switch. Based on a proprietary ISUP (ISDN User Part) stack, WTL has developed an innovative solution which combines a dual IP infrastructure with SS7 layers, replacing data-oriented TCP layers.OLA Internet, an emerging ISP in Spain, will use WTL's new technology to interconnect with the incumbent carrier, Telefonica. Load testing has already shown that the solution can support SS7 signaling for more than 1000 E1s on a single pentium processor, and the plan is to develop SS7 controllers upgrading to ten times that capacity early in 2000.

    NeTrue Announces Enhancements To NeTrueQoS NeTrue Communications, announced the release of NeTrueQoS 2.0, an advanced software solution for managing and measuring Quality of Service (QoS) for voice over IP. NeTrueQoS 2.0 is an advanced software application that monitors the five key parameters of VoIP Quality of Service including jitter, latency, packet loss, bandwidth, and throughput. Utilizing these measurements, NeTrueQoS 2.0 establishes a single index of call and signaling quality, NeTrue Index R, which can then be used to establish a threshold of acceptable quality for developing QoS based service level agreements, QoS based billing, routing and provisioning. NeTrueQoS 2.0 incorporates enhanced tools for improved management of ITSP network operation and the implementation of QoS based management. NeTrueQoS 2.0 measures five key parameters of IP call and signaling quality including jitter, packet loss, bandwidth, throughput and latency. It also configures the size and frequency of ICMP-based test packets to test different applications.

    AT CTI EXPO: Aculab To Show Enhanced Prosody Aculab will be announcing the addition of a phoneme-based connected-word speech recognizer to Aculab's current isolated word ASR offering. The new licence-free system is capable of recognizing naturally-spoken phrases and number strings, without the need for pauses between words. In addition the choice of vocabulary, through the use of phonetic models, allows developers to define their own vocabulary by adding entries from a pronunciation dictionary. To improve recognition accuracy, a combination of whole-word models, and phoneme-based techniques has been employed. This allows different parts of the speech to be modelled in different ways, while still producing a single recognition result. Alternative, "next most probable" results are also offered to allow the application to handle error conditions.