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    D2 Technologies Announces vCore D2 Technologies announced vCore, an integrated software product that provides all the necessary voice processing for a variety of "converged" network products such as DSL integrated access devices, packet cable voice terminals, wireless PBX, IP phones, LAN-PBX, and high density carrier gateways. vCore is a complete and open DSP software solution that provides the basic voice processing functions for a VoIP gateway or a computer telephony server. It also includes a rich set of options such as voice coders, fax, caller ID, switching, conferencing, and speakerphone. vCore's highly modular design enables the customer to quickly build a wide variety of unique and cost-effective circuit and packet switched network solutions by simply adding or removing software modules. Its open architecture also allows customers to easily port their DSP software to different hardware platforms, as well as integrate DSP software modules from different software vendors.For more information, visit the company's Web site at

    Lucent Microelectronics, Wind River, Trillium To Create Hardware/Software Development Kit Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group, Wind River Systems, and Trillium Digital Systems announced that they are jointly creating an integrated hardware/software development kit based on Lucent's system-on-a-chip (SoC) for Internet telephones that can reduce product development time by as much as six months. This collaboration provides an integrated Internet telephone solution, giving equipment developers the tools they need to quickly and easily build a voice-over-IP phone. "Typically, Internet telephone manufacturers would have to purchase and integrate these Wind River and Trillium software technologies with Lucent's Internet telephone system on a chip hardware technology on their own," said IdaRose Sylvester, an analyst with Dataquest. "Now that's no longer necessary. They can go to one chip set manufacturer for the entire package, thereby saving months in their product deliveries and giving them the freedom to focus on their own value-added software development, which results in differentiating features for their Internet telephones."The reference design and development kit is based on Lucent's SoC solution for Internet telephones. Lucent announced the capability to introduce a single-chip solution for Internet telephones in May of this year, and will initially offer a two-chip solution. Wind River's industry- standard VxWorks real time operating system (RTOS) will run on Lucent's hardware solution and a target license for the software will be included with the Lucent semiconductor offering. The integrated bundle of hardware and software also features H.323 IP telephony software technology from Trillium.For more information, visit the companies' Web sites at