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    By International Calling Cards

    MCK Releases IP-Enabled Remote Voice Telephony Solutions MCK Communications announced the availability of its IP- enabled product suite. With MCK's IP-enabled solutions, remote and branch employees can utilize all the features of corporate business telephone systems over IP networks, either public or private. MCK's IP product line will be deployed by corporations and municipalities over private networks and by broadband service providers. Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and innovative service providers are offering integrated voice and data services to corporate customers. Examples are Rhythms NetConnections Inc., which is marketing a value-added service called PBXpress to their business customers, and HarvardNet, which is currently in trials with the EXTender 4000 and PBXgateway. MCK's new IP product family includes a new EXTender 4000 client device, a software upgrade to the Branch Office EXTender 6000 and a PBXgateway. The EXTender 4000 will meet the needs of the individual teleworker, while the Branch Office EXTender 6000 is designed to support remote offices with 24 employees or less. The PBXgateway is a higher- density switch solution that terminates remote clients. It resides on the corporate network and provides an interface to the enterprise PBX and all of its supported applications.

    AT CTI EXPO: Interactive Intelligence To Demo EIC Version 1.3 Interactive Intelligence will feature intelligent kiosks Interactive Intelligence will feature intelligent kiosks powered by the company's new e-mail response management product, e-FAQ.. CTI EXPO attendees can visit the kiosks at the e-FAQ information center located at booth 1927. Interactive Intelligence will also demonstrate the latest version of the Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) version 1.3. EIC, a Windows NT-based "all-in-one" communications server, will be demonstrated live, showing off the product's most recent enhancements, including new call control and conferencing features, multimedia queuing, and Web chat and callback capabilities. Visit Interactive Intelligence at booth 1017, CTI EXPO FALL '99

    Net2Phone Unveils Enhanced Internet Telephony Client Net2Phone announced the release of its newest Internet telephony software, Net2Phone V.10. The Net2Phone V.10 software incorporates advanced digital technologies for improved sound quality and a variety of additional new features, including Net2Phone's free VoicEmail, free PC-to- PC calling, ICQ buddy PC2PC calling and PC-to-Fax solutions, in addition to the company's flagship PC-to-Phone service. David Greenblatt, Chief Operating Officer for Net2Phone, noted "IP telephony has always offered the promise of much more than just lower phone calls. The true promise of IP telephony is in all of the advantages and services that IP Telephony can offer versus traditional telecommunications. Net2Phone's new V.10 software can make that promise a reality."Net2Phone has included free PC-to-PC service in its new Net2Phone V.10. All users equipped with a multimedia PC and the new Net2Phone V.10 software can conduct voice conversations over the Internet for free, via Net2Phone's proprietary IP telephony network. Along with the new PC-to- PC service, Net2Phone V.10 users can take advantage of Net2Phone's low global rates for PC-to-Phone service.